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Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly

WFMC participates actively in the Campaign for the Establishment of a Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations (UNPA). A UNPA would strengthen the voice of the citizens in the United Nations and international politics. Our support for a UN Parliamentary Assembly is rooted in our  organization’s dedication to the principles of democracy and the rule of law. In an era of globalization, we believe that democratic governance principles should also be observed and applied at the international level. Establishing a  UNPA offers a pragmatic, gradual approach to this important global governance imperative.




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Canadian parliamentarians who support the UNPA campaign, as of January 2016       

A list of the current Canadian Members of Parliament and Senators who have endorsed the UNPA campaign.

Time for ‘We The Peoples’ at the UN                         

article by Larry Kazdan in Mondial, December 2011

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from the international Campaign for a UNPA

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Take action

Ask your Member of Parliament to lend their support to the Campaign for a UNPA.


1) Contact information for MPs is available through the Parliamentary website.

2) A list of Canadian parliamentarians who have already endorsed the UNPA appeal is available here. If your MP is one of them, write and thank them for their support.

Please send a copy of the appeal along with a personalized letter. A sample letter is available.




Appeal for the establishment of a Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations

The text of the appeal.

A list of all Canadian supporters of the Appeal

Establishing a UN Parliamentary Assembly:  the Basics

An overview document explaining the details of how a UNPA could be established, including context, purpose, legal scope and so on.

The Case for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly by Dieter Heinrich

Reprint, supplemented with a preface by Andreas Bummel and an afterword by the author,

March 2010

Selected quotes on global democracy and a world parliament, 1793 to the present

Campaign documents and background papers from the Campaign for a UNPA.

These include studies of the relationship of a UNPA to the IPU, composition of a UNPA, possible procedures for selecting delegates, financial considerations, etc.

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